Main House:

The main house consists of two sections, one has a second floor where 3 bedrooms and a bathroom is located.   The other section consists of the dining and living room, kitchen and scullery.  This area is double volume and an extra loft can easily be built into the existing space .

There are 2 good boreholes, 1 near house is fitted and supply for house use.  The further one is not fitted and is strong.  Municipal water connection availble at main road.

The Bathrooms are basic but functional.  Gas water heaters for both bathrooms.

The kitchen is functional but needs some improvements. Gas heater for kitchen zink.  No Stove.

Entire house has burglar bars and security doors.


This quaint Thatch roof rondawel consists of two roomy sections each for a bedroom and living room.  Bathroom is neat.  Kitchen has a zink, but need to have cabinets installed.  Water is gas or geyeser heated.


3 Lock up garages

1 Additional Car port.

Lots and lots of paving around the house.

House fenced sith 1.8m veldspan.

2/3 of plot fenced 1.8 m , rest barbwire that will keep in cattle.




This property has many trees.  If you wish to farm , please consider the fact that about half the plot has very old and some very scarce and protected trees. 

Some trees identified:

  • Huilboerboon
  • Combretum sp
  • Mango
  • Kigelia sp
  • Witpeer
  • Witsering
  • Marula
  • and many more….